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Latest news:

  • 23 july 2002: Kernel selector page updated with 2.4.18 kernels. 
  • 23 july 2002: Thanks to Maciej, the PMAZ-AA TC Scsi card now works. I've attached a 5x2Gb raid-5 array to the second SCSI interface. 
  • july 2002: recompiled several packages to match the RH 7.3 port. 
  • july 2002: Now running Kernel 2.4.18, system updated to H.J. Lu's RedHat 7.3 port. 
  • 16 january 2002: I've installed debian on a 5000/240 test board. Look here for more info
  • 24 december 2001: Installation HOWTO updated for use with 2.4.16 kernels, and RedHat 7.1 root image.
  • 18 december 2001: I've uploaded a new RedHat 7.1 based root image to oss. Here the link.
  • 7 december 2001: Current 2.4 CVS kernel (2.4.16) boots & runs OK on my 5000/260.
  • 7 december 2001: To load a recent kernel from disk, you have to used a patched delo!
  • 5 january 2001: I've uploaded my RedHat 6.1 RPMS to ftp.linux-mips.orftp.linux-mips.orgt>
  • 17 December 2000: New mipsel-root.tgz  available on See root.html for the bootlog of this root package. Based on RedHat 6.1 packages.
  • 1 November 2000: I've updated my kernel selector page with 2.4.0-test9 kernels.
  • 24 October 2000: 2.4.0-test9 is running fine on 5000/260, 5000/240 and 5000/150.  I'm very busy rebuilding the root package, based on RH 6.1 and kernel 2.4.0.
  • 16 Jan 2000: Richard v.d. Berg has put up an archive of the Linux-Mips mailing list. See resource page for info.
  • This page can now be reached at

  • This Website is dedicated to the port of the Linux operating system to the DECStation series of workstations. As this port must be regarded as 'work in progress', this website will be allways 'under construction'. The information on this pages will change often, and might be outdated the moment it is published.

    I've lots of plans to write more information for this website, but my time is limited, so pages will be added as time permits...

    Please mail corrections, enhancements, or any other comments to

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