Linux/DECstation Karel's DECStation Linux status info

On this page I'll log the progress of the port on my local DECStation, so you can follow what currently runs on my system. If someone has a solution to some of my open issues, please contact me!


  • DECStation 5000/260
  • R4400SC V4.0 CPU
  • 256Mb RAM
  • Onboard SCSI
  • One Turbochannel SCSI card (finally working with a patched 2.4.18 kernel)
  • 1x 4.5Gb disk (Linux)
  • 5x 2.1Gb disk2 in RAID-5 configuration
  • Sony CDROM
  • Console on serial port
  • Software:

  • Linux 2.4.18 compiled by native gcc (RH 7.3 environment)
  • System boots from local disk, using delo boot-loader from ext3 partition
  • devfs and devfsd are working. I've submitted a small kernel patch to make the serial drivers devfs-aware.
  • System runs multiuser on a local SCSI disk, or NFS-root.
  • Kernel module loading works
  • Klick here for a recent disk boot-log of my system.
  • Open issues:

  • Currently none
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