Linux/DECstation DECStation Linux resources

DECStation Hardware resources

  • NetBSD Pmax Models page
  • DEC Hardware documentation provided by NetBSD (Specifications of systems and peripheral cards).
  • DECStation web page (by Benson Chow).
  • An outdated source for information about DECStation Linux is at
  • Linux on MIPS resources

  • The Main Linux / Mips site  
  • The Linux Mips mailing list archive (Username: mips, password: rules) by Richard v.d. Berg
  • The classic Linux/Mips homepage (outdated in respect to DECStations)
  • Linux / Mips HOWTO by Ralf Bächle.
  • MIPS R[34]000 resources

  • MIPS R3000 Instruction Set Summary
  • Another MIPS R3000 Instruction Set Summary, from THE MIPS PROGRAMMER'S HANDBOOK by Morgan Kaufmann.
  • Linux on DECStation resources

  • DECStation Linux Website by Richard v.d. Berg
  • GNU Development environment documentation

  • Cygnus GNUPro Documentation
  • FTP archives

  • Main MIPS linux FTP server at
  • Mipsel files are also available at
  • The FTP server for the work of Maciej W. Rozycki, at
  • Florian has his debian files at
  • DECStation Linux Homepage
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